nipton cannabis townImagine driving Route 15 to Las Vegas on a sizzling summer day, when you notice a billboard saying…

“Are you thirsty? Try CBD Water in Cannabis Town!”

Actually, this is becoming a reality in the tiny town of Nipton, CA. The business American Green has purchased the town and plans to be the first cannabis tourism town in the United States. The best part? Their goal is to be energy efficient.

In September 2017, American Green, Corp. bought the small town for a measly $5 million dollars! Now, for California real estate prices, that’s a really good deal. Of course, this town is about an hour away from the California/Nevada border and has a population of 25 people.

American Green has bigger plans than Nipton, CA and we predict this concept of cannabis towns will grow to be more and more popular over the years. Learn more about the business, the town, and the future in this article.

But why would they come to a town that only has a hotel and general store an hour from the nearest big city? And why did American Green decide to make this purchase now?


What is American Green’s history?

Boasting over 50,000 individual shareholders, American Green has the largest shareholder base of any cannabis-related public company in the US.

American Green is based out of Arizona and “dedicated to the emerging cannabis market”. They claim to have been on the forefront of business and technology for more than eighteen years now. The company also patented and recently struck a deal to implement their cannabis vending machines called ZaZZZ in Canada. This technology uses a vein in the customers fingers to identify their age and ensure they are 21+. The Future is Gross!

But really, how awesome would it be to get a joint from a vending machine like a soda pop?!?

Not only that, but American Green has plans to make a ton of CBD water in Nipton. The plans include the use a local aquifer in town to make this non-psychoactive cannabis water and show us how the west was won in this cannabis town.


What is Nipton, CA’s history?

Nipton has a self sustainable past, and an energy efficient future.

Nipton was purchased in 1984 by Gerald Freeman for only $200,000 and had dreams to turn this small town into an eco friendly, self sustained stop for nature lovers and travelers. Freeman spent money on solar panels, organic farming, a hydrogen system and shading trees for the town but it was time for a new owner.


American Green has similar ideas for a sustainable future in this town on the border of the Mojave National Preserve.

The company expects to spend over $2.5 million in the next 18 months to provide this cannabis destination with bud and breakfasts, craft breweries, tourist attractions, hands-on learning projects, cannabis vending machines, CBD water, and much more.

You cannot purchase marijuana in Nipton currently to toke away. Until the city ordinance is changed, you will have to bring your own supplies to this smoky destination town.

American Green purchased this town to ultimately expand to make this quaint little town a mecca for marijuana enthusiasts and keep Freeman’s dream alive to have an energy efficient town. Nipton was a great location being right off the 15 highway, in a wide open area, and has the potential to grow.

A cannabis Mecca such as this could create invaluable money for the small town and its few residents while supporting a new, safe method of medicine (and fun!). It will allow a safe haven for those who cannot smoke at home, in hotels, or in public areas. And it will give true Cannifornians a place to relax with like minded individuals exploring new territory.

What is happening to the marijuana themed destination now?

It has been six months since the purchase, and while other projects through the publicly traded American Green may not have succeeded, we really hope to see some positive action toward laying the foundation of this marijuana themed destination soon!

nipton ca town map

You can buy and add a 12″x12″ paver to Nipton,leaving a message on historical Nipton, California.


Since January 1, 2018, recreational cannabis laws in California have been in place and Nipton will soon most likely be just one of many cannabis tourism destinations popping up in the future.

Will American Green purchase more towns like this and become the Disneyland of cannabis?

Only time will tell.

Until then, toke and grow safely!