How Can The S License Benefit Your Cannabis Business?

Whether you’re a small Canna-business owner or large cannabis manufacturing facility we’ll explain exactly how to obtain an S License and register a shared-use facility; including documents needed and the fees you’ll have to pay! To finish, we’ll cover S License regulations so you can keep your business compliant.

Can I Smoke Marijuana in Public?

Now that California has legalized marijuana you may be thinking, “Awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about the police busting me!” as you smoke weed in public walking down the street. Too bad, that kinda like alcohol, there are only a few certain places that you are...

Can I be High at Work and Not Get Fired for Smoking?

With recreational marijuana now legal, many Cannafornians are wondering how safe their jobs may be with their new rights. Can you still be fired even if you’ve never gone to work high? Find out your rights about being high at work and what issues you face.

Why Did American Green Buy Nipton, CA?

Imagine driving Route 15 to Las Vegas on a sizzling summer day, when you notice a billboard saying… “are you thirsty? Try CBD Water in Cannabis Town!” Learn how this is no longer a pipe dream or fantasy.

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