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If you own a California Canna-Business, you MUST be sure you’re fully compliant. You can find out your compliance status for FREE from The Weed Initiate!

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Learn about all the ways you can help protect your Canna-Business with the help from our Law Lessons about actual laws and how they can help or harm your business!

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If you own a California Cannabis Business, you need to be sure you’re 100% compliant with all state and local laws.

You can learn how to lessen your risks of tripled fines and penalties through our Law Lessons and Analysis. We’re also offering free compliance reviews for California Canna-Businesses to ensure your company’s future. Or if you’re looking to start or expand your Canna-Business, find out how The Weed Initiate can help!  Or, if you just want to advertise as a TWI Compliance Partner, sign up for a Compliance Review while it’s still free!

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We’re known for our compliance checks but we are able to help, from business planning to securing investors for your Canna-Business to start thriving! Best of all, because we were founded by a California Attorney, you can be sure you’ll be operating legally.

Even if you’re not currently compliant with state or local laws, The Weed Initiate can still help! We have the tools and solutions to help your business become compliant so you can focus on your business. TWI is currently offering free compliance checks to help bring a white collar approach to a former black market by ensuring that every adult (or medical marijuana patient) has legal access to marijuana.

And with this increased legal market, if your Canna-Business is feeling growing pains, contact TWI about your options and how to flourish in this newly legal market. After all, California is a big state with a large population known for it’s affinity for marijuana… Make sure your Canna-Business will be around to meet the demand!

California Law Lessons and Analysis with TWI

Get ready to learn about California cannabis laws with our entertaining Law Lessons (well, they’re more entertaining than reading the actual laws)!  We looked into the laws and how they can affect your Canna-Business so you can lessen your risk of fines and penalties.  Especially since fines can be triple the amount PER DAY that you operate illegally (not to mention getting banned)!  You can also learn about choices available to your Canna-Business as well as how to protect yourself.  You can even let us know if there’s a cannabis law you would like to know more about!  We’re here to help inform you!

How Can The S License Benefit Your Cannabis Business?

Whether you’re a small Canna-business owner or large cannabis manufacturing facility we’ll explain exactly how to obtain an S License and register a shared-use facility; including documents needed and the fees you’ll have to pay! To finish, we’ll cover S License regulations so you can keep your business compliant.

Can I be High at Work and Not Get Fired for Smoking?

With recreational marijuana now legal, many Cannafornians are wondering how safe their jobs may be with their new rights. Can you still be fired even if you’ve never gone to work high? Find out your rights about being high at work and what issues you face.