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From accountants to trimmers, Canna-businesses need people in order to operate, so why not you?

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Learn California Law Lessons

Check out our legal blog about the risks of non-compliance and how to protect yourself/business.

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CA Recreational Laws

Read the California recreational marijuana rights explained in REAL ENGLISH just for you!

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How to Work in the Cannabis Industry

Have you always wanted to work with weed?  Or are you wanting to make sure your cannabis career is compliant with state law?

Check out our California Law Lessons to find out how to eliminate your risks or read through our translations of the California Recreational Laws to know what you can and cannot do.  Not sure if you’re able to be an Industry Professional?  A Cannabis Industry Professional is anyone who can help bring a white collar approach to a former black market by knowing their rights while working in the cannabis industry!  This means anybody who has experience, or even wants to learn about growing, toking, and selling marijuana, can be a Cannabis Industry Professional.  Or if you’ve got a great idea for a new cannabis business, The Weed Initiate can even help you out with that too!

After all, people are going to need jobs… Why not be the one to seize the opportunity?

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Is Becoming a Cannabis Industry Professional Right For You?

Now that marijuana is legal in California, Canna-businesses need more help than ever before!  The only way to guarantee that your new cannabis career is safe from potentially massive fines is to make sure you’re compliant with California law!

The Weed Initiate (TWI) was created by a California lawyer to help bring a white collar approach to a former black market so that California Weed Initiates can grow and toke safely.

Cannabis businesses are expanding and need people who share their vision of a compliant cannabis market.  Contact The Weed Initiate with any questions you may have about registering as a Cannabis Industry Professional.