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At the Weed Initiate, we are a trusted source in ensuring that our investors find the project that suits them. We’re diligent and professional in our review and our investors can rest assured knowing that any Cannabis Investment opportunity and its owners will undergo a strict standard to meet California laws.

Currently, we have the following investment funds seeking to fund TWI compliant cannabis companies.

Business owners can apply for a FREE cannabis business compliance review to unlock investment funds.

Individual Investments

$5,000,000 – 1/1 Investor
$50,000 – 1/1 Investor
$10,000 – 2/2 Investors

Pooled Investment Funds

Fund 1 – $20,000

Completed Investments

$20,000 – 1 Investment Completed

Review our Current Cannabis Investment Opportunities


Turnkey Cannabis Investments

Turnkey Investments include a full, one stop shop service including all proper licensing, build outs, licensing, premises, consultation, compliance, design, and more. The perfect choice for investors without any experience.


Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures include those people who may or may not have experience in the cannabis industry but are looking to be active, learn, and become a part of the legally compliant cannabis industry with another business.


100% Pure Investments

For people looking to partner with a TWI compliance reviewed companies seeking funding for a pre-existing cannabis business. Perfect for those with the funds now and looking for the right cannabis business.

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Turnkey Cannabis Investments Available

Due to confidentiality reasons, many of these turnkey investments require proper screening of qualified, interested business owners. TWI strives to provide the highest standards of professionalism in its white collar approach to the cannabis market. The Weed Initiate currently has the following available Turnkey Cannabis Investments.


Turnkey Extraction Facility

Location: Long Beach
Price: $1.7Million+
Opportunities: Approximately 4

What’s Included: Full legal compliance both local and state, licensing, location lease, architect design, cannabis consultation (legal and extraction), sourcing, product development, build out. Contact TWI for full details.

Joint Venture Cannabis Investments

Our Joint Venture Cannabis Investments range from small partnerships looking for active investors and individuals willing to grow with a company. This also provides opportunities for Weed Initiates to join the Cannabis industry either as an active partner or looking for active partners. Whether you are an experienced grower or have something to offer, we invite you to contact the Weed Initiate and let us know how we can facilitate your interests with another weed initiate partner. The Weed Initiate currently has the following available Joint Venture Cannabis Investments.


Manufacturing Joint Venture Opportunities

Location: California
Price: Contact TWI for further details
Opportunities: 1

What’s Included: An experienced shatter company with current revenue of $60,000+/month. Currently seeking to expand due to overload of client requests. High quality shatter laboratory tested at 83.7%, proprietary moonrock formula, high quality raw product. Contact TWI for full details.

100% Pure Cannabis Investor

Our pure cannabis investment opportunities come and go, very quickly. With the rapidly evolving industry and a close to 40 million population with a majority pro-cannabis, the opportunities within this industry abound. We have experienced cultivators, extractors, land-owners, business developers, and more who contact us daily. This provides dozens of opportunities for our Weed Initiates. If you are looking for investors into your Cannabis Business, please contact us directly[link to contact] so we can discuss what you have to offer. The Weed Initiate currently has the following available 100% Pure Cannabis Investment Opportunities.


Weed and Wine Investment

Location: San Diego
Price: $20,000 – $30,000
Opportunities: COMPLETED

Investment Linked We’re happy to say that we found an investor the perfect match. Look forward to more information on this as they progress!


Cultivation Investment

Location: Desert Palm Springs
Price: $500-800K
Opportunities: 1

What’s Included: An individual looking to acquire a cultivation land site in desert hot springs. Multiple experienced growers with 15+ years of experience are interested in working with the individual. Looking for a passive investment partner to bring sufficient funding.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cannabis Investments

We know you have a lot of questions, its why we also suggest if you want to see anything answered, submit an inquiry and we’ll get back to you with an answer to your legal compliance questions.

Like any business investment, you should find something you are passionate about or that makes sense to you. Cannabis investment is no different, first decide whether you want to be a passive investor or an active investor. If you are looking for the former, you are generally looking to place your money with a cannabis business that you can trust the people you will providing your capital to. If you are the latter, you can take an approach of investing with someone and learning the ropes or buy a turnkey operation outright. A Cannabis Investment is no game and at TWI we are selective in meeting all of our partners face to face and ensuring that they are the right type of people to work with and invest with.
Like our vision says, we’re bringing a white collar approach to a black market. The reality is that cannabis, cannabis businesses, and cannabis investments are still be illegal under federal law. While California has clearly legalized cannabis on the state level, if you paid attention in high school, federal law always takes precedence over state law. If you are unwilling to take the risk, you should likely not invest in cannabis. If you are willing to understand the risk and believe that one day cannabis will be federally legalized then welcome to the world of professional cannabis.
TWI is currently running targeted California cannabis compliance with qualified cannabis businesses. On December 7, 2017 California released emergency orders via MAUCSRA which has clarified many of the ambiguities of running a legal California cannabis business. The Weed Initiate brings a lawyer’s perspective viewing each of its potential partners and connects each of our cannabis business partners to each other and interested investors. We provide the introduction to a cannabis investment and help facilitate the investment process. TWI prides itself on bringing a professional, white collar approach and networking with like-minded cannabis business owners and investors.