Our Compliant Partners

We reviewed the details of the following business to see how they operate…

Our vision at The Weed Initiate is pretty simple: To bring a white collar approach to a black market. Our TWI Compliance Partners are those that share our vision.

This requires a massive amount of effort and people to truly understand what this means. It requires businesses to be compliant, it requires the consumer to buy from compliant businesses, it requires the legal system to be educated. It requires everyone to understand whats compliant in the currently existing hierarchy known as the California legal system and one day, to be compliant with the federal legal system of the United States of America.

At TWI we educate our Weed Initiates. We want to connect them to cannabis businesses who are trying to understand the ever evolving marijuana landscape. We want our Weed Initiates to become involved and turn into cannabis investors. We want our Weed Initiate investors to link with Canna-Businesses trying to be compliant. Then we want to give it all back to our Weed Initiates knowing they are working with an industry standard built on bringing a white collar approach to a black market.