California Business and Professions Code Section 26200(d)

(d) For facilities issued a state license that are located within the incorporated area of a city, the city shall have full power and authority to enforce this division and the regulations promulgated by the bureau or any licensing authority, if delegated by the state. Notwithstanding Sections 101375, 101400, and 101405 of the Health and Safety Code or any contract entered into pursuant thereto, or any other law, the city shall assume complete responsibility for any regulatory function pursuant to this division within the city limits that would otherwise be performed by the county or any county officer or employee, including a county health officer, without liability, cost, or expense to the county.

What does this mean? Cannifornians should expect their city to have the final say. If your county says one thing and your city says another, the city is what is going to put you in the locker!

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