Often we hear people asking, “how can I enhance my high?”how-do-i-get-higher

Actually, the answer is not quite so simple and will vary for each person, so you’ll just have to try and find the best for you.

No matter how you want to increase your THC absorption, we encourage you to do it safely. In case you do all these tactics and end up TOO high, at the end of this article, our cannabis “researchers” have also added these helpful tips to sober up from weed.

Read on to learn, “How can I get higher?”


Why Does THC Affect My High?

The effects of THC are commonly associated with the psychoactive effect of feeling ‘high’.

Therefore, when you increase the absorption of THC, you increase that serendipitous high feeling! Both THC and CBD are compounds that enter the endocannabinoid system and are present in marijuana (cannabis), although the ratio of THC:CBD vary among different strains.

THC affects everyone differently, and generally the more THC, the more powerful the high. Try many different strains and methods of consumption to affect your high differently.

increase thc absorption


6 Awesome Ways to Maximize Your High

Maybe your tolerance has gone up and you just can’t get as high as you want or maybe you just want to get higher. Whatever your situation is we want to help you get higher, baby. Here are some simple, science based tactics that maximize your high by increasing THC absorption in your body by either allowing more cells to interact with THC or optimizing the affinity for THC.


1. Exercise Helps you Get Higher

THC accumulate in fat tissue before it enters back into the bloodstream. If that didn’t make sense I’ll say it a bit simpler, less fat equals more high. Plus hitting the gym regularly will make that stoner snack feel a little less guilty. Regardless, exercising will help you get higher faster.


2. Eat Foods that have Terpenes to Maximize Your High

There are a variety of terpenes found commonly in foods and drinks. Don’t know what cannabinoid receptors and terpenes are? Basically, these are organic compounds that that are largely associated with the therapeutic effects of marijuana. They also work synergistically with each other.

  • Myrcene Regulates THC Absorption
    Common foods with myrcene include mangos, lemongrass, and hops (yes I’m talking about the hops in beer) have myrcene. Myrcene is the most commonly found cannabis terpene that increases marijuana potency, thus getting you higher.
  • Pinene will Enhance Your High
    Many herbs contain pinene such as thyme, sage, bay leaves, and of course the herbal trees pine. There are a variety of other terpene rich foods listed in this article. Pinene is known to assist in opening the lungs allowing for more THC absorption. It is also known to have vast therapeutic potential and may help combat paranoia.


3. Multivitamins Keep You Healthy and Higher

This one is pretty obvious, but in case it isn’t I’ll let you in on a secret. Vitamins help open up the circulatory system allowing your cells to absorb more nutrients. Since cells are the ones also absorbing THC, proper cellular absorption means proper THC absorption, which means more high!


4. Healthy Fats Get You Higher Faster

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to enhance your endocannabinoid system because they are needed to synthesize endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. These fatty foods will bind to cannabinoids allowing them to process faster. So eat nuts, eggs, fish, chia seeds, etc… If you don’t like any of those options, I think you know how to google “Foods with omega-3”.


5. Big Hits Don’t Get You Higher, Just Wastes Your Weed

Your lungs have a specific surface area, therefore, taking huge hits lowers the percent of THC consumed from reaching the surface of your lungs. Also, holding your smoke in for longer DOES not have any effect on your high.

Think about it this way… when you are moving, you can only carry so many boxes in at a time. So you carry in the boxes, drop them off inside, and go outside to get more boxes.

Your cells are similar, they only have so many receptors that can intake THC during any given moment, once those are in use your cells are incapable of taking in anymore until those receptors have delivered the compound into the cell and are ready for use again.

Therefore, bombarding your lungs with a huge hit only wastes precious THC upon breathing it out. Is it really worth it to look like a big shot who can take big bong rips? Do your lungs a favor and hit it regularly, you’ll get just as high.


VIDEO: Does Holding In Your Hits Get Your Higher?

In case you don’t believe me, watch this Youtube video about the myth of holding in your hits.


6. A Better High Comes From Quality Weed

If you’re regularly buying shake and wondering why you’re not getting high, you’ve got bigger problems than we can help with. Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality.”? This includes weed. Lower quality weed has probably not been grown properly, thus have lower cannabinoid concentrations (AKA the molecules that get you high). Would you eat a orange from your dried up orange tree? This weed is so cheap because they can’t sell it to anyone with half a wit about weed.

Yeah those $50 ounces seem nice at first, but once you realize you’re going through them four times faster, coughing a ton, and just not getting high you may come to realize that it’s just better to buy the mid to upper shelf flowers. Or you may not care about quality, but you’re also probably drinking popov vodka. Man college was crazy!

Pro Tip: Spend the time and the money to pick out strains that are right for you. There are many resources regarding the types of terpenes in different strains and their therapeutic benefits.


How to Come Down Off Weed

Oops you got too high. Weed isn’t what it used to be, it is much stronger than it was in the 70s!

We’re going to tell you several ways to come down off weed, from counterbalancing THC with CBD to tips on detoxing the body, such as water. We’ve got it covered.


CBD may Counterbalance THC

CBD is considered to be the non psychoactive component of cannabis.

Since CBD has a small affinity for the receptor that THC binds to (CB1) it can monopolize some of those receptors over THC. These two compounds work synergistically to bring out the best qualities of each compound. Therefore, if you consumed too much THC, CBD may be what you need to neutralize the negative psychoactive effects THC is having on you. CBD also appears to help with anxiety, it could be your saving grace.

Food and Water Helps Detox Your Body of THC

Just like when you get too drunk, the best cure is to eat some food and drink lots of water.

Earlier we mentioned that fatty foods help you get high faster, well what comes up must come down. Since fatty foods allow your body to process cannabinoids at a quicker rate and as long as you’ve put the bong down, you will also recover faster.

Water is the number one way to flush your body of toxins and avoid cotton mouth. Not much of a water drinker? That’s ok, most nonalcoholic liquids will also work (juice, gatorade, tea, etc). If you aren’t too high or have a helpful friend try out one of the drinks below, at the very least they’re great for your health!


Drinks that will sober you up from weed

Please, be careful when using a knife if you’re stoned. A microplane or cheese grater can be used except for cutting the lemon in half.

Classic Detox Drink (Healthy, Not Passing a Drug Test Detox)

  • Water or Soda Water (if you fancy)
  • Juice of 1 Lemon (has many benefits such as being a liver detoxifier)
  • 1 Tbs. of Apple Cider Vinegar (there are live cultures in this vinegar, similar to Kombucha)
  • Thin slices of fresh Ginger (I generally put in about 5, but its up to your taste buds to decide)
  • Honey if desired (this is mainly for taste reasons, but can help with a sore throat)

You can do some or all of these ingredients depending on what you have! Honestly, I try to drink this at least a couple times a week and all the time when I’m sick due to its health benefits.


When All Else Fails, Just Try to Relax 🙂

This high will pass in time, but for now chill out and ride it out. Here are some ways to relax:

Deep Breaths (here are some breathing exercises to try!)
A Pleasant Walk (go outside, get some fresh air, walk the dog, the world is your oyster)
Distract Yourself (ie: music, funny shows, coloring books, etc)
Soothing Shower or Bath (not always appropriate when not at home, ask before hopping in!)
Sleep (You’ll wake up more sober. Try to get comfy and use those breathing techniques.)


Remember to Always Enhance Your High Safely!

It’s pretty easy to get higher faster and better through a few simple changes.

Exercise will lower your body fat allowing you to process the THC faster. Some foods contain terpenes or omega-3 fatty acids that can enhance your high. Vitamins will help with increasing THC absorption. While, quality weed should be a no brainer. So smoke on my stoney bologna’s, but we always advise you do this within caution.

As for those that chased the dragon a bit too far and desire to come down off weed, we’ve offered some sweet suggestions for you. Taking CBD can counterbalance the negative effects of THC. While exercising, eating, and drinking all help with detoxifying your body. Of course if none of these work, just relax. 🙂


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