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Read the California recreational marijuana rights explained in REAL ENGLISH just for you!

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The First Step is Being Informed

On our website you can find out all about your rights by reading our translations of the California Recreational Laws.

Seriously.  We actually had a real California attorney read the laws and explain what they mean for you.  In plain English!  We did that so you could know your recreational rights to help encourage a compliant cannabis market!  We even designed our Saturday Smoke Sessions to make you think about how the latest marijuana trends could impact the recreational laws or even your favorite Canna-Business.  And just in case you can’t find the answer to your question, just ask us!

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What Is a Weed Initiate?

Now that marijuana is legal in California, many Canna-fornians have been confused about what they can and cannot do with marijuana.  And just because the police haven’t cracked down on people smoking in public or driving with open containers doesn’t mean that they won’t.

That’s why The Weed Initiate (TWI) has spent the time to look into all the laws regarding marijuana, the changes to those laws, and the emergency regulations that came after the changes to those laws to make sure you know what you can and cannot do with marijuana in California.  We believe that it’s best to be prepared by knowing your rights.

The Weed Initiate was created by a California lawyer to help bring a white collar approach to a former black market so that California Weed Initiates know where they can grow and toke safely.


Join us for a Saturday Smoke Session, won’t you?

Now that marijuana is legal, what’s next for the market?

Cannabis has come a long way from its previously clandestine origins and those rapid changes could affect when, where, and even how you buy your pot.  Join us for a Saturday Smoke Session to learn about some of the more interesting aspects of marijuana and your recreational rights.  For example, did you know that even though you don’t need a medical card it can still save you hundreds?  Or will we ever get the cannabis resorts we deserve?  Or better yet, “why can’t I smoke marijuana in public?”

Can I Smoke Marijuana in Public?

Now that California has legalized marijuana you may be thinking, “Awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about the police busting me!” as you smoke weed in public walking down the street. Too bad, that kinda like alcohol, there are only a few certain places that you are...

Why Did American Green Buy Nipton, CA?

Imagine driving Route 15 to Las Vegas on a sizzling summer day, when you notice a billboard saying… “are you thirsty? Try CBD Water in Cannabis Town!” Learn how this is no longer a pipe dream or fantasy.