"Bringing a White Collar Approach to a Former Black Market"

The Weed Initiate is dedicated to bringing a white collar approach to a former black market by ensuring all Californians know their rights about recreational marijuana.  And by all, we mean all Canna-Businesses, Cannabis Industry Professionals, Investors and Marijuana Enthusiasts.  Since our site was founded by a lawyer, we’re able to examine each law and explain exactly what it means for you.  Our weed Initiates can have peace of mind knowing that they’re dealing with California Cannabis Businesses who share our vision of a completely legal industry.  Read more below…

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Marijuana has been recently legalized but the demands of today’s market are rapidly dictating the laws surrounding cannabis, which is leaving a lot of people in the dark. This is why we’ve spent the time and energy to translate the laws in an easily digestible format. We believe an informed audience is the first step to showing that marijuana can function as a legally operating market. Read our analysis of California Recreational Cannabis Laws.

Due to all of the confusion over the constant change in the laws there are many looking to make a quick buck by selling inferior products, selling illegally, or making investment deals with no more than a smile and a wink.  And while many people are afraid of being taken advantage, we at The Weed Initiate are excited!

Why are we excited? What better way to bring a white collar approach than by finding companies looking to follow the laws and the people who have the experience and products who all share our same vision and connect them with our Weed Initiates? Just like alcohol prohibition in the 1930’s, cannabis may have had a dark past but it has an extremely bright future. All it takes is the proper approach showing that marijuana can co-exist with products like alcohol, tobacco, and various over-the-counter drugs.

Since 2017 when marijuana was legalized, there has been a large influx of people walking the streets while smoking marijuana, smoking near areas where children congregate, and even driving while smoking a blunt. And even though the police didn’t stop you then, this is 2018 and they are looking to cash in on their investment. Already there has been a strong response to California’s new market (like Jeff Sessions repealing The Cole Memo) but in spite of that more and more people are responding positively to marijuana legalization.

This is why we are urging our readers to engage in the new marijuana market, legally, by making sure you know what’s current in marijuana news and laws. If you are caught operating illegally (seriously, who does that?), not only will you be fined triple for every day you operate but you can also be banned as well. This is our chance to set THE example when it comes to legalizing marijuana, not just federally, but globally as well.

TWI thinks it’s about time California Weed Initiates show the world that this plant is so much more than just a good time!

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