Royalty Healing

Royalty Healing

Happy Holidays and Early New Years!!

After an extensive break due to revamping our site and constantly changing California laws, it looks like things have settled down for now. In the process, we’ve also been talking to multiple retailers, manufacturers, distributors, processors, and cultivators to get feedback and how we can help the entire community. As we anticipated, it looks like a major shift towards proper legalization is coming. If you are running a back-alley shop or making money right now in the Cannabis industry without thinking of the future – be advised that come 2018 a lot of crackdowns by local law enforcement will be coming.

Onto the major point of this post! We’re excited to launch one of our visions all along TWI Reviews on Cannabis Businesses – Our first review of a company that is currently compliant with the following California laws, welcome Royalty Healing!

How much can you trust a pot-head to actually follow through with what they said they would do? Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the time to sit down and interrogateinterview Royalty Healing and ask them their business model. We’ve shared our vision for a lawful, harmonious Cannabis company that is legal and paves the kingly road for the United States. In the near future, don’t be surprised to see TWI reviewed stickers all over the place.

Company Formation Requirements

Royalty Healing is, in terms that everyone has likely heard, a “non-profit, cannabis collective.”  However, most people don’t realize what this means – there are a ton of boxes to be checked that most lawyers don’t even know. First, TWI has investigated and found that Royalty Healing is formed under California Laws as a Mutual Benefit Corporation via the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law. It’s also been fully registered with the California Department of Justice as a charity organization and is up to date with its statement of information. Accordingly, pursuant to California company formation requirements, Royalty Healing is a lawfully organized corporation permitted to interact with its collective members, namely – Cannafornians.

If you have any doubts about your local Cannabis store – its pretty easy to see if they are at least incorporated or not – look on the California Secretary of State website here. If they don’t show up – they are basically high-end drug dealers with your personal information.

Proper Contracts and Paperwork

This sounds incredibly boring for those of you seeking to buy and get out, why should you worry about whether your delivery service or “retailer” is providing you the correct contracts and paperwork when all you want is your medicine quick and easy? Well, if a company does not have the right contracts, paperwork, and it isn’t professionally done – I personally would feel like its just my shady next door neighbor who is selling to street kids while saying hes amazing at cultivating because he grew 20 plants. In a legal perspective – you’re violating the law by buying from a drug dealer, not your selected primary care provider. Also, would you want to pay $50 an 1/8th for the unknown “neighborhood weed” or $50 for a medical strain tested at 20%+ THC?

Onto Royalty Healing. I’ve reviewed their contracts and simply put – I am impressed. Not many companies have tight-knit, carefully thought out contracts which protect both the patient and the primary caregiver. In sharp contrast to many of the “Medical Retail” dispensaries I spoke to – Royalty Healing is prepared and professional. A clearly structured relationship is laid out by their contracts showing the following relationships: patient-primary care provider, primary care provider to grower, patient to intercollective, and proper delivery services. While I cannot provide the documents due to confidentiality reasons, Royalty Healing is clearly trying to be above the board and cares about its patients based on the legal side of things. At the current time, what we can provide is a copy of their sellers permit, which, permits them to sell all the goodies provided they are following California laws.


Delivery Service 

Most people don’t realize it but delivery only medical retail services are a very large thing at the current time. However, the deliverer has to meet several requirements for it to be legal – otherwise your delivery could be interrupted and never come if the police stop them. Likewise – do you feel comfortable with any joe schmoe delivering your medicine or do you want to know they have been screened and represent a trustworthy company? – seriously though, the mailing system in the United States is FEDERAL, therefore mailing any Cannabis is illegal and California is no exception. Now, your friendly local “medical” retail delivery service knows where you live, what you’re buying, and is taking money from you in the middle of the day or night. Still think its not important whose delivering weed to your door?

Royalty Healing is a delivery service and based on their contracts and process as of the date of this article, they are compliant with California Business and Professions code requiring them to maintain a physical copy of the delivery request, they only deliver under the California mandated amount, and it fully protects its customers under HIPAA laws. Moreover, their delivery service representatives are properly employed and screened prior to being permitted to deliver to your home. They are fully confident in their ability to deliver in a professional manner and pride themselves on 5 star service.

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging is something that is being worked on by all Cannabis companies out there, but only a few are doing it right.  Royalty Healing ensures that they are providing the most up to date packaging. However, it is clear that with the changing laws, new packaging will have to come out. In the meantime, they are adjusting their disclaimers and warnings to adhere to California labeling requirements which will be applicable in 2018. In the meantime, currently their packaging is lawful under the current CUP laws for their non-edible products.


A Note from Royalty Healing – Enter TWI at Checkout for $5 off $55 or more!

 In thanks for allowing us to work for them and run a compliance test with them, Royalty Healing is giving a small discount code to our medical cannabis readers! In thanks, we wanted to let Royalty Healing talk a little about themselves.
Here’s what they had to say:
Hey there Cannifornians! Our mission at Royalty Healing is to provide the best customer service and care to our patients. We are a delivery-only retail service that services the Mira Mesa, Poway, and La Jolla areas of San Diego. Our claim to fame is our 5 gram 1/8ths which applies to each and every shelf. Give us a call and we’d be happy to go through our huge menu of flowers, edibles, waxes, tinctures and more with you. All of our drivers are highly trained to address you in a professional manner and are carefully screened by us to ensure that there are no sketchy or rude people taking your order or arriving at your home.
We like to think of ourselves as a Five Star Fine Dining Restaurant, but swap out “Fine Dining Restaurant” for Marijuana Delivery Service and you get Royalty! Thanks TWI for the compliance review, it’s been incredibly helpful finally finding someone we can trust that is looking out for the us, our customers, and giving us the right path to fully adhere to every California law. It’s incredibly difficult to find the right people to work with in this industry but we hope to be at the forefront of legalization and it starts with making sure our patients are happy and we are following the laws!

Is your company looking to see how compliant you are with the current California laws and want a lawyer to review your business for free? Contact TWI now to see how we can help you!

TWI Note and Disclaimer: The author is not being financially compensated for writing this article. The author’s statements are solely based on documents and information provided by the company being reviewed. While TWI has provided as unbiased and accurate review as possible, TWI is solely reviewing the company on the requested areas of compliance. This review is in no way a statement or legal advice that the company being reviewed is in full compliance with all California laws as a cannabis business. It is important for everyone to complete their own due diligence when determining whether a cannabis business is in full compliance with California laws. 
James Shih is a licensed, California attorney who is in good standing with the State Bar of California. He is also the creator of The Weed Initiate.

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January 20, 2018