The Culinary Cannaseur Club

The Culinary Cannaseur Club

As we have mentioned back at the beginning of March, we are excited to announce that TWI has found an investor a great home in one of the most interesting projects we’ve seen:

The Culinary Cannaseur Club!

The Culinary Cannaseur Club is the culmination of when an investor and business owner with a great idea combine forces to create something new and exciting in this industry. As an exclusive social club, the Culinary Cannaseur Club is about discovering what a “cannaseur” is.  The idea behind The Culinary Cannseur club was to bring together a group of Marijuana Enthusiasts and show them the versatility of marijuana edibles in a lavish magical (literally) evening complete with dinners done by Michelin star chefs!

We’re excited to see these amazing ideas (which are being made into realities) and allowing TWI members to follow their dreams while ensuring that everyone is following the same vision of a white collar approach to this field.

What makes The Culinary Cannaseur Club so unique was that The Weed Initiate was there to help every step of the way!  From finding the investor, to discovering what legal matters are at issue, and finding the solution. The TWI team is grateful for the chance for yet another one of our members to expand and grow their business in new and unique ways.

The Culinary Cannaseur Club started as most businesses do – a single person with an idea. But since this was a cannabis based business, review and compliance were essential for his idea to become a reality. Like most marijuana aficionados, he had built up a network of other like-minded cannabis based individuals and knew exactly where to start to turn his vision into reality.

So the founder of The Culinary Cannaseur Club came to TWI with a vision and a question – if his dream was legally feasible at the current time. Once the legalities were out of the way, TWI helped crunch the numbers and form the business plan so we could bring in the investor and the dream became reality.

But we didn’t just stop there.

TWI even hand selected a few of our Cannabis Industry Professionals to introduce to the founder in order for him to choose how his vision took place.  Fun fact: our Cannabis Event Coordinator was even able to upgrade the venue for their inaugural event in San Diego!  So when you attend the event, let them know that TWI sent you and you can join in on the fun and entertainment!

Here at The Weed Initiate we do more than just investments and business compliance. Sure, that’s where the journey starts, but we even have a vast network of Cannabis Industry Professionals that we can link with your Canna-business to get it started or even expand. Because of TWI’s community, we were able to bring in key team members for The CCC to present their event in June!

Right now, our most popular service is Cannabis Business Compliance but that doesn’t exclude Marijuana Enthusiasts or Cannabis Industry Professionals from getting in on the fun! Our vision of bringing a white collar approach starts with informing every California eligible adult of their rights. The next is giving our community the tools they need to build their dreams or expand them. Even if you know nothing about cannabis, TWI is here to help answer any questions you have!

As always,
Toke and grow safely!


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April 11, 2018

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