Since 2016, cannabis laws have changed so much that recreational marijuana is now legal in California. Which has some Cannafornians wondering if it’s chill to smoke some weed and go to work while high.

Now, we’re pretty sure marijuana’s legality hasn’t exactly stopped anybody from squeezing in a toke before heading into work, but recreational cannabis laws do not change its illicit standing in the workplace.

Here’s a nug for thought for those stoners that are convinced they work better while high: are you actually more competent or is the cannabis just relaxing your normally work-stressed brain making you think you’re working more efficiently? Is your concept of time and progress really that accurate?

To be clear… TWI does NOT condone smoking weed before work, at work, or anytime in between.

Lucky for you, we’re going to break down why being high at work is not legal with CA recreational laws and the ramifications of getting caught stoned while working, such as being fired.

What Issues Will I Face While High at Work?

We understand that getting high before work sounds appealing and people have claimed that they work better stoned, but good luck getting that one past your boss. Currently, researchers are looking into seeing if marijuana helps ADHD patients focus but nothing conclusive has been published yet.

So before you get fired for toking up in the parking lot of your job or fired for arriving in a cloud of smoke with bloodshot eyes, keep reading to see if it’s really worth it before you risk your source of income. Or face a penalty for breaking the law because you’re high at work. If you’re REALLY lucky, you’ll get to face both!

How are you Going to get to Work While High?

How are you going to get to work if you’re actively high? Driving while under the influence of marijuana is like drinking and driving – you can get a DUI.  Don’t even think about smoking on your way to work because you can get one even if someone else is toking up in your car and you’re not.  Therefore, your early morning wake and bake before work is off the table unless you plan to bus or Lyft there.

Think you’ve outsmarted the law by smoking in the parking lot? Wrong. We’re working on bringing you an article regarding the laws on smoking in public, but for now we regret to inform you that it is illegal. Just don’t do it.

The only way to legally be high at work is if you bring sealed edibles with you to snack on at work, which will need to wear off before you drive home. Oh, and that’s as long as you don’t work anywhere with kids or on federal property.  Don’t forget making sure your boss is okay with you being high at work.

Your Boss’s Concerns with Smoking Weed While Working

Unless you work for a REALLY progressive Cannafornian, most likely your boss won’t like you being stoned at work; even if you ‘swear’ it makes you better. It could just seem that way since you’re relaxed and high instead of stressed and sober.

Your employer doesn’t want you stoned at work for the same reasons they don’t want you drunk at work. You see, although your boss doesn’t want you to be stressed, they also don’t want you to be incompetent. Company liability is the real issue at hand.

For example, if you’re a mechanic we’re positive your boss would have a problem with you showing up high because they don’t want to assume the risk in case you cause more damage to the car you’re working on or possibly hurt yourself or someone else because you were under the influence.

According to the 2016 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of fatal injuries rose to 3.6 per 100,000. The number of people killed on the job in 2016 was 5,190, this is the most since 2008! I know you smart Cannafornians don’t want any work related injuries to be caused by or associated with being high at work.

Can I get Fired For Smoking Weed at Work?

Not to scare you, but you can be fired for marijuana use even if you’ve never worked while “actively high”. Remember, cannabis is still considered a Class 1 drug by the federal government. So before you fail your drug test (or end up like the Snapchat girl) you should learn your company’s policies regarding marijuana use by asking the HR about drug tests. WARNING: this may put a target on your back.

Another way is to get all the company policies sent to you electronically for a ‘refresher’. Use your FIND tool to look up ‘drug’ (or illicit substance) then read over these parts carefully. If nothing pops up you still need to review the documents before celebrating with a post-work bowl. Maybe you should also consider working for a cannabis advertising & marketing network where it would be more acceptable.

As we highlighted before that working while stoned with heavy machinery can be dangerous, the laws reflect these hazards. This means that those working with heavy machinery and vehicles may face stricter testing or rules about usage on the job.

Tips on Going to Work High

If you’re really determined to be stoned at work, consider working from home or at a dispensary. Once you’re in a position to be smoking at work here are some tips on how to remain productive:

  • Set Realistic Goals and Deadlines – keyword here is realistic! This will keep you on track
  • Stay Organized – being stoned and not able to find something is the worst!
  • Pace Yourself but Keep Moving – once you stop working and fall down the internet wormhole there’s little hope for your return, but still take small breaks to reset!
  • Create a good work environment – before starting on work take time to organize your desk and put away the distracting lava lamp, but you might want to hang on to your fidget spinner!
  • Know your limits – don’t be that person that is obviously too stoned to work, no one likes that person…
  • Drink coffee when you’re too high – it won’t sober you up, but it will at least make shutting those stoned eyes a little harder.
  • Stick to light, healthy munchies – avoid carbs since these can can put you straight into a food coma
  • Don’t slack or make excuses – A wise person once said “excuses are the tools of incompetence, used to build monuments of nothingness”

Should You Smoke Weed at Work?

While we absolutely do NOT condone being at work while stoned, we know we can only inform you. So just remember that you’re at a “high”-er risk of injuring someone, getting fired, or getting a DUI on the way to work.

If you want to make the ‘I work better while high’ claim, honestly we suggest having some data to back that up. Legally conduct a time/productivity analysis on each task at work while stoned vs sober. If the results can prove that you’re a better worker while high, tell us in the comments.

No seriously, we’d love to see those reports! Email them to us!

In the meantime, comment if you have any funny stories about smoking weed at work or want to divulge on your “high”-ly productive working tips or skills. 🙂